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    digital signatures just dissapeared


      Hi there, i am using acrobat reader, and after several persons digitally signed the doc using their digital certificates, when the next one came in , a public body, signing digitally but using their own platform, all of a sudden the signatures panel was empty. the signature marks where remained on the document, but the signatures panel was empty. what´s going on here? are the sigital signatures still valids or not.


      so, in the image you can see 1 the signature mark that everyone using acrobat left printed, WITH certificate data on the signature panel all right shown. BUT then when next member signed up using his own signing platform, leaving this mark 2 on all pages of the pdf document, then the signature panel was showing no data at all no more.


      so, the question is, is still valid the doc because shows all the marks, or not any more if the signature panel is empty??