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    ADE 4.5.2 freezes when trying to transfer an epub to my kobo


      I have been using ADE for a few years now.  Recently, got a new computer that runs Windows 10.  Downloaded the newest version of ADE 4.5.1 and have been using it without any issues for several months. This week it started freezing any time I tried to transfer a book to my kobo reader.  I rebooted the computer.   Tried again.  Same results.  I uninstalled 4.5.2 and reinstalled it with a reboot.  Same issue.  Uninstalled 4.5.2.  Installed 3.0 (issues again, but more about authorization).  Uninstalled.  Waited a few days.  Reinstalled 4.5.2.  Same issue.  Freezes when you try to transfer a file over.   Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?  Thanks.