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    Lightroom not syncing all of my photos from desktop to Lightroom mobile

    jw48488536 Level 1

      I am running Lightroom CC 2015.7 on Windows 7.  I have a catalogue with 1,356 photos spread out over 4 collections.  All four collections are synced with Lightroom mobile.  When I began syncing, everything was going fine for the first handful of photos.  For the last hour, it says "syncing 1,207 photos" and no progress is being made. 


      This is not a new problem.  I have had this happen with every other catalog I've created and tried to sync with LR mobile.  I will always have to force Lightroom to restart multiple times for syncing to fully complete. 


      I spent 90 minutes on the phone with Adobe support today.  Steps we took to solve the problem:


      - sign out and back into Lightroom

      - sign out and back into creative cloud

      - pause and restart syncing in the catalog

      - pause and restart syncing on the collections

      - pause and restart syncing in the creative cloud desktop app

      - delete all synced cloud data and start over

      - delete syncdata in \AppData\Local\Adobe\Lightroom\Caches

      - delete everything in the Windows temp folder

      - disable everything in startup and disable all non-Windows services

      - check the hosts file for anything that could be interfering with communication with adobe servers


      Nothing has fixed the problem.  I just tried switching computers and syncing photos from a brand new laptop running Windows 10, everything recently installed for the first time.  The laptop exhibits the same exact behavior.  Files begin to sync as they should, and then it just stops and hangs at a certain point. 


      I notice other issues with syncing -- I use an iPad pro to cull my images.  As an example, lets say I gave 5 stars to 150 images.  When I open Lightroom on my desktop and create a smart collection that is filtered to show images with a 5 star rating, it will show 85 photos.  I will need to sign out and back in and restart Lightroom multiple times for it to show all 150  Sometimes, I can't get it to completely sync all 150 no matter how many times I restart sign in/out, delete the cache, etc. 


      One last note in case it's relevant -- I currently have Lightroom open and it is stuck on "syncing 1,207 photos".  When I try to play a game on my PS4 online, there is a fair amount of lag.  As soon as I close Lightroom, the lag stops.  I have 100mbps download and upload speed, normally never any problems with lag.  And there isn't any data being uploaded to the adobe servers, because it's just hanging at 1,207 photos permanently. 


      Thank you in advance for any suggestions -- I'm at a loss of what to try next!