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    printing trouble :<


      hey guys, so I've just bought a new printer. all set up, works great, but I've just spent 7 pages worth of ink on one photo, trying to get the size right.




      the frame is a 6"x8" so i made a project in PS to get the image size right, touched it up in LR, set page and image how i want it, ready to go. first try, came out over saturated and only half the image printed on one half of page. 2nd try, changed printer profile etc, colour was good, but it was too small, 3rd try made photo a bit bigger, came out light and too big. you see the pattern here.  i just want to print a 6x8 photo, why is this so difficult?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's hard to say what was wrong based on what you've told us.

          Does your printer use paper profiles? Did you select the right one?

          Did you set  up the print job properly in page setup?

          Is your monitor properly calibrated or adjusted?

          Did you set the cell size properly in the Lightroom print module?

          Did you try  using the soft proof feature in Lightroom?

          What version of Lightroom are you using?

          What printer are you using?

          What operating system?

          Can you post a screenshot of your Lightroom print settings?

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            JoeKostoss Adobe Community Professional

            Much more information needed for anyone here to help.

            What printer are you using?

            What Platform? Windows or Mac?

            What OS?

            What version of Lightroom? (Exact version number is needed)


            Are you actually printing on 6 x 8 paper?

            In Page Setup, what paper size have you selected?

            Screenshot 2016-11-26 11.16.59.png

            Can you post a screenshot of the Layout Panel in your Print Module?

            Screenshot 2016-11-26 11.12.55.png

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              Lajon0 Level 1

              Oh, my bad.

              Running MacBook Pro, just updated to sierra.

              It's a hp envy 4520.

              Set paper profile, Colour match etc. first thing I checked. Running LR that came with creative cloud bundle. I'm not at home right now, so bit hard to give you exact info. Sorry


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                JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I don't think the printer supports different paper profiles. If the page setup allows it, I would suggest setting color matching to sRGB. Then in the Lightroom print module try  selecting let the printer manage the color. Although the literature for the printer indicates that you can print  photos, it's doubtful that you have complete control of printing like is available in dedicated photo printers. You'll have to experiment with different settings until you discover the right combination.

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                  Lajon0 Level 1

                  Hi Jim, i fixed the color issue. I just decreased the saturation and vibrance, that fixed that problem. The paper profiles are automatically installed with adobe software, that's what I found out from YouTube anyway, and the description has adobe written in it.

                  It's just getting the size of the image correct. I've set everything to 6x8, which is the size on the frame I wanted to use. and all 7 copies have come out different sizes. Does not make sense to me.

                  I will get screen shots up shortly


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