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    column break in a text


      Sorry if this seems like a dumb question, but I am a novice at this type of thing;


      I am putting together my weekly church Order Of Service and have the text for an anthem

      which i would like to break into two columns of text. I have no idea how to do this.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          jane-e Adobe Community Professional

          There are several approaches to columns:

          You can have columns on the page and draw frames in each column

          You can have columns in the frame

          You can have both (the frame wins)


          Also to column breaks:

          Enter on the Numeric keypad is the shortcut for column break

          Type menu > Breaks

          Attach it to a style, such as a heading


          Does this answer your question, or do you need more info?

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            BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

            Another idea is to use Split Columns. Let's say you have a one column format:

            InDesign CCss_032.png

            And you want to make a section within the one column format into two columns:

            InDesign CCss_034.png

            Select the text (in your case, the lines of the anthem) with the Type tool. Select the ¶ view of the Control panel on the top left of your screen, and select Split 2 from the Span Columns menu on the right.

            InDesign CCss_033.png