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    Adobe Premiere Elements 14 Changing My Video Completely


      I know this may sound odd but I have a video that I have been trying to edit but every time I put it into P.E. 14 it changes the video completely. I'm dead serious. I'll explain and then link to a video on YouTube showing what is happening. I'm ready to go beserk on this thing because it has been doing this a lot recently. Anyways here's how it changes it. Within the first :45 of the video the intro repeats twice and then it cuts ahead in the video but the audio stays the same. I know it makes no sense, but anyways, when I look at the end of the video at around 3:35 it no longer contains my outro; instead it contains audio from what should be about thirty seconds before that.



      I know this may sound confusing but it really is happening. I have tried restarting adobe and my computer to no avail, I have updated adobe P.E. as well. I am using a video I only have one of in my computer so the source video and the clip I'm trying to edit are the same file, so this should not happen at all. I am using windows 10 with intel onboard graphics if it helps. Also am using Premiere elements 14, if i didn't mention it already.



      Here's the link to the video on YT: Adobe Premiere Elements Glitch Like Crazy!!! - YouTube