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    Flash question

      I am a beginner to Flash, i am working on a project and i am trying to figure out how to use the keys on the key board,when pushed, to bring up an image. each key is going to be a different image and one key will clear everything. basically which ever keys you choose you make you own collage. If anyone has any ideas or pointers i woul dbe greatly appreciated, thanks cjjamison211
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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          You can probably do what you want, but how you do it depends on which version of actioncript you will be using. I recommend using the key being released event (key Up) which only triggers once with each key use.

          If you're using AS2 look into the Key class and the keyUp event listener

          If you're using AS3 look into the Keyboard class and the KeyboardEvent.KEY_UP listener.

          In either case, each key on the keyboard has a unique associated value/ID that you can probably use to associate with particular images to pass to a function that will make the image(s) appear.
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            cjjamison211 Level 1
            Thanks Ned you may have just saved my grade. much appreciated!