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    Fixed or Fluid makes no difference.

    brushwipe Level 1

      I am sorry to admit that creating a website in Muse is totally baffling.

      I was advised, despite my two previous sites: http://www.bilyzweb.com  and  http://www.dokmali-swinton.com, both Muse fixed sites                as I am too inexperienced to understand Muse's responsive features, to switch to fixed breakpoints.

      Either the pixel measurement / tester I am using on Chrome does not sync with Muse pixel settings or the tester is not working accurately.


      I have four pages: Home, Menu, Drinks, Christmas menu.  Each page has the same break points: 320, 480, 640, 760, 960 and 1080.

      I have worked my way through each of the settings adjusting layouts and typography. I have found that I needed to alter each of the master page settings which has been doubly confusing in that the navigation did not adjust to an individual breakpoint.  I resolved this problem by treating each breakpoint as a separate item and installing either a horizontal or vertical navigation menu as appropriate to the breakpoint size.  I am unable to understand why when in Muse at 640 px breakpoint and have completed the menu layout, saved the site and then after working on a different breakpoint I return to 640 and the menu has disappeared - the scrubber seems incapable of moving with any control.  If you open the file you will see a multiple of red chillies.  The appear to have reproduced three and four times or more - all of their own accord.


      After my final 'view site in browser' experience, I am obliged to admit defeat.


      I would dearly love to know where I have gone wrong as I already have a couple of Muse websites up and running. I will publish the site and try to attach the file should any of the experts feel they can put me on the right path.


      Previously I have decried WordPress to associates and advising them that Muse is the way to go. Now I may need to change my tune.

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          Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

          Which answer would you expect: Yes? No?

          Reduce your problems in tiny bits, make a sample site and we’ll see. You definitely can’t expect, that we dive into each of these hundreds of issues on the linked pages.

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            brushwipe Level 1

            Many thanks for responding. I began by setting out the breakpoints from 1080, 960, 760, 640 down to 320.  Then, each page was designed, type copy and images inserted to fit each page.  My thinking was that if anyone looked for the resaurant that the site would open on whatever device was being used.

            I assumed if the breakpoints were set as fixed width that the page would remain the same when I moved to that particular breakpoint. And this is the major difficulty I am having.  If you care to look at what I have to date I have a new BusinessCatalyst file at Home


            My number one problem is in getting the layouts and copy to remain on the specified breakpoint. If you will kindly supply an address I will send the Muse file by Hightail as it is too big for the usual email systems. 


            I look forward to your reply.