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    24hr+ to import 45 images!!


      Hi everyone,

      I have seen threads here about this issue but I have been unable to find an answer as yet.

      I am running LR CC 2015.7 and CR 9.7 It is newly updated. Since I installed Creative Cloud I simply cannot import new images without it taking two days! I have 45 images on a SAnDisk card. I am using a brand new Transcend Card reader USB 3.0 which I ordered to try to solve this issue. I strated the upload/import at 2.45pm and it is now 4.30pm. 6 images have come in to LR!!! 6!


      Please please can someone tell me what's going on? I have uninstalled both PS and LR to no avail. Everything is appallingly slow. UGH!!!