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    Adding Media from Folders to Albums - Should Be Easy Right?

    garywi01 Level 1

      Struggling with this software right out of the gate.  I am in Organizer on the Media tab.  I have my folder structure on the left set up as "View as Tree".  I am going down my tree, looking at media and when I find a good video, I want to add to a Album I have created so when I have all my files picked, I can go create a movie. 


      You would think I could just right click on a media file and select "Add to Album", but I don't see any option to do that.


      I can't drag the file to the Album because I am in Folder view, looking at media for god's sake.  That's what you do in Folder view, right?  In an organized way, you look in your files and look for media.


      So I am lost as to how you can easily sift through hundreds of media files to find your material to make a movie with this software...


      Ok, that's my rant.  Are there any moderators present.  I am happy to be called ignorant!