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    Lightroom Brush tool


      So I have been using lightroom and photoshop for about six months now. Most of my editing is done in lightroom.

      I went to go do some editing and clicked on the brush tool and usually there is a long list of options for me to choose from. When i clicked on it there is still a list but i cannot find a few of the options that i use alot. Before I had a short list at the top that had options like ( Temp, Tint and so on. There is still a short list but these options are not there anymore. I have never had this happen before. Can anyone tell me how to find those options? I am editing a wedding session and one of the bridesmaids dresses is a pale blue and in the pictures it is coming off as white so i have been using the ( tint ) brush to help but now i can't find it.

      I know it is probably a beginner mistake but I am self taught and have no-one else to ask.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          One idea-  On the same line as "Effect:"   and the Preset menu,  on the far right end, there is a tiny dark triangle.

          Click this triangle to expand or condense the brush panel adjustments.

          When you have the condensed panel without all the sliders you will see one single slider called "Amount:" - this one gives you the option to control the overall effect, or 'opacity', of all the brush adjustments that were set in the expanded panel of sliders.