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    Best €/$1500 Premiere Pro laptop.


      Hi everyone,


      Could you please suggest the best laptop for video editing and Adobe package use. I don't want anything bigger than 15".


      Another consideration would be an internally upgradable laptop if possible, but not necessary, just want it to good enough for the next 4 years or so with technology and software advances.


      My budget is around €1500.


      I'm close to buying the ASUS Zenbook Pro UX501VW but just wanted to see if there were any better options or any objections?


      I have no interest in gaming just looking for a machine focused on video editing and photoshop etc although I imagine the spec requirements will be similar.




      PS. Please hurry as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are nigh!!!

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          macbook pro is the best. i ve got one off amazon.. the 2012 model and it works like a charm.. rendering is fast on premiere and everything works great!

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            edit1754 Level 1

            I would avoid the Zenbook Pro UX501VW.


            The "4K" display in this laptop is not as advertised. ASUS uses the RG/BW Pentile matrix in this laptop to cheat the ability to advertise the 4K UHD 3840x2160 resolution, without actually providing the full detail of the resolution. You see 3840x2160 in your display settings, and the GPU renders every pixel of 3840x2160, but the actual display doesn't have enough RGB components to fully display the resolution, so all you get to see is a downsampled version. It's far below both MBP Retina displays and true-4K displays when it comes to clarity, and is also worse than 3K 2880x1620 display in the old Zenbook UX51vz.


            I would get the Dell XPS 15 9550 4K, Acer V 15 Nitro 4K, or Lenovo Y700 4K in its place.