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    Uploading to Blurb


      in attempting to load my first book to Blurb I encountered error message with "error occurred with adding text or fonts to book" at the very beginning. I'vet changed the font twice. Using Lightroom 5. Contact Blurb and told it was a problem with Lightroom.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          I do believe that some fonts are not compatible with the Lr Book module.

          I would duplicate your "Saved Book Collection" (to enable experiment) and try to set a single 'global' font that is compatible.

          Ctrl+Alt+A  (or Menu>Edit>Select all text cells), and the set a font in the Lr Type panel.


          From my notes_

          Not all system fonts are available to LR.

          Not all fonts in LR are in the system.!!!

          A  full understanding of fonts that Lightroom uses is a mystery!

          In general- LR uses the fonts installed in your system,


          With exceptions- I think it is limited to true-type fonts?

          And- I can see fonts in Lightroom that are not in the Windows "Fonts" folder!?

          eg. {Bickham Script Pro}  is available as type in the LR Book module, but it is not in my Windows font folder.  C:\Windows\Fonts

          (and Photoshop, earlier versions?,  may have installed a PS font folder, not available to LR! )


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            mikef14475127 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.  I'll go to work on it tomorrow!