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    "Please sign in to the Creative Cloud desktop utility and try again" Huh?


      Hi (I'm a Windows user with an active CC account - CC 2017)


      I'm a beginner.



      I updated all my apps using the CC desktop utility. (No problem.)

      I began a new Premier Pro project. (No problem)



      I needed to use After Effects.

      Went to the CC desktop.

      Clicked After Effects <Open>

      It opened ok.

      It launched a floating "Start" dialog box.

      Then two problems:


      1. After "Recent" in the Start Dialog Box, it says

      "Please sign in to the Creative Cloud desktop utility and try again". 


      I have no idea what that means, because the CC desktop utility I use to update and access all the Apps doesn't seem to have any option anywhere to sign in again.


      2. Then if I click "New Project" in the Start dialog box ... nothing happens. 

          The Start Dialog box closes. 

          AE is open, but the Project Panel is empty.

          Clicking on File>New>New Project does nothing at all. 


      And since all the tutorials begin with clicking on File>New>New Project to create a Project ... the rest of tutorial is useless, because I don't have any Project.  When Step # 1 fails it's difficult to get anywhere.


      Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.

      If anyone can help me just get started, I think I'd have another day to give thanks.