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    Creative Cloud app will not refresh and show up-to-date apps installed for cc 2017

    braswels Level 1

      am quite frustrated.  Please can someone please help me.  I have CC app not recognizing my CC 2017 apps are up-to-date..  I have CC 2017 installed on all of my apps. I cannot un-install CC APP since it knows I have apps needed that app and so I trashed the folders and then re-installed CC app multiple times. Rebooted multiple times.  Open the app and selected the UPDATE under the help menu.  I change the language of the install.  Nothing works.  Ironically CC APP senses my apps are open if I try to update (while they are in the open state) and yet does not recognize that they are up-to-date.  It goes to update them, moves the app out of the UPDATE list area down into the INSTALLED area but after 2 seconds, it moves the app back to "UPDATE" section and applies the UPDATE button to it once again.  Any other suggestion is greatly appreciated.  I am on a MAC OS.

      I was trying to get the CC app to work and so re-installed every app and it hung on one app install.  So I killed the app and re-started it and now it just has the SPINNING wheel when I click on the APPS tab.  Any suggestions?