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    Muse preview unable to browse

    Fadayko Level 1

      After previewing a muse site I am unable to browse the Internet or load another preview. Network shows connected...able to ping with success...only a restart fixes the issue until attempting to preview again. reinstalled network adapters and reinstalled muse...same issue keeps occurring. if I do not use muse browsing works perfectly...disabled firewalls as well. I have attempted everything I can possibly think of...any help would be amazing..thanks in advance

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          ankushr40215001 Level 7



          A couple questions.


          1. Does it happen while you do "preview site in browser" or preview the site within Muse?
          2. Since when do you see this issue?
          3. Are you on your home network or on the office network?


          Try changing your default browser and see if it works fine.






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