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    RAW files from Fujifilm XT10 being adjusted in Lightroom


      I shot some photos with my new Fujifilm XT10 and I noticed that when I import them into Lightroom, they don't look the same as when I shot them on the camera. I will see the preview of the image, and it looks as it did on the camera, but when I click to load the image, I get an awful washed out photo that Lightroom has changed. Is there a way to get the photos to import as they were shot on the camera?


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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          To view a raw file, the raw sensor data needs to be interpreted and then transformed into an actual image.

          This takes a few seconds.

          While LR is doing that, it shows you the preview JPG included in the raw file. This is the image you see on the back of the camera. Because this preview JPG is created by the camera, all the camera settings (contrast, saturation, sharpness, etc) are baked into the JPG.


          All the camera settings are included in the raw file as extra data. However, only the Fuji software will read it. All other software companies ignore it and apply their own (or your own) settings to the image. This is why what your camera shows you is different from what LR shows you.


          Take a look at the Camera Calibration panel and see if any of he supplied profiles get you close to what you want. Then tweak the settings. Once you have a good general starting point for your images, save those settings as a "develop preset". Then you can apply that preset during the import process.