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    Repeaded publishs via publishing service to disk with custom sequence




      I've got an issue with the publishing service (to a folder) and a custom ordering sequence. I've created the following custom renaming:


      Sorry the screenshot is in german but it's just the picture number (5 digits) added before the original name. That works in general when I just publish the service once. But when I now add a few pictures to it and publish again, the sequence again starts from the beginning. That's really bad. I've also tried the other options but all have the same behavior. Is there any way to have a picture numbering also when republishing?

      Here's a sample output:


      You can see a lot of pictures starting with 00001 which means they were just added an republished.





      P.s. I hope it's understandable what I mean (tried to explain it on my blog as well: http://www.steffen-rumpf.de/2016/10/30/what-i-really-dont-like-adobe-lightroom/ )