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    Facebook Gameroom

    BigJ8706 Level 1

      Is anyone having an issue with Facebook Gameroom for Windows 10? I have flash player installed and up to date but Faceboook Gameroom keeps saying I need to install it.

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          SatinderBains Adobe Employee

          Can you please go to the Adobe - Flash Player  page and see if you have flash player installed



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            BigJ8706 Level 1

            Yes. It is installed.

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              Carm01 Level 4

              What web browser, that would be a tremendous help please for us

              Thanks in advance

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                BigJ8706 Level 1

                I use Mozilla Firefox

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                  BigJ8706 Level 1

                  The Facebook Gameroom is a desktop application though and it is not used in a browser.

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                    Carm01 Level 4

                    So you are saying that it is a Windows 10 metro app from the Windows store?

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                      BigJ8706 Level 1

                      No. It is not a windows store item.

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                        BigJ8706 Level 1

                        It is a new app from Facebook for PC's with Windows 7 or higher that accesses all of your Facebook games.

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                          Carm01 Level 4

                          So, it could use activeX flash possibly. Not familiar with this app. However, ActiveX Flash files are handled by windows updates.. Also, you can check the version directly as well.



                          for 32 bit



                          for 64 bit versions if you have a x64 machine


                          simply right click on the Flash.ocx file it should be about 27MB then choose detail and it should be the latest. Mine shows


                          If it is not you might want to try and update windows because that is how this is handled. We are at Microsoft's mercy for the activeX version on windows 8 and up. Try Windows update and see if anything is waiting.


                          lets try that first

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                            BigJ8706 Level 1

                            Alright. I will have a look at that later. Thank you very much.

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                              Carm01 Level 4

                              I checked out and tried to find some requirements however Facebook decided not to list one bloody thing about flash player being required. FYI .. go figure lol

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                                jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                                Facebook Gameroom is based on the Chromium browser.  The PPAPI Installer for Flash Player should work.


                                Go Here:



                                Choose Windows 10 > FP 23 for Opera and Chromium (PPAPI)


                                If you're still stuck, please let me know.

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                                  Carm01 Level 4

                                  Thanks @




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                                    BigJ8706 Level 1

                                    Installing Flash Player for chromium did not fix the problem.

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                                      jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                                      That's odd.  I know that Gameroom will try and copy over the Flash Player included with Chrome, if you have it installed.  If you don't have Chrome installed, you might try that.  If that doesn't work, you're going to have to chat with Facebook support.  We really don't know a lot about Gameroom.  I'd be curious to know what the ultimate fix is, so that we can refer people to it in the future.

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                                        GatoMedio Level 1

                                        I had the same problem as the OP this morning, with the difference that my OS is Windows 7.

                                        I used to access Candy Crush via the facebook page, until, roughly two months ago, I was instructed to install the gameroom software.

                                        That worked fine until this morning when gameroom told me I needed to upgrade my flash player.

                                        I'm always suspicious about this kind of message, so I went to the Adobe site first. That confirmed that I have the latest version installed. Even though, I downloaded and installed it again. Nothing changed. Then I found this thread and followed the instructions here (specifying the version for Chromium and Opera). Now I can access gameroom again, so this must have been the answer.

                                        Just wanted to let you (and anybody else who reads this) know. Thanks for your help.


                                        Three lemons for facebook, for being so obscure.

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                                          BigJ8706 Level 1

                                          I'm glad it was helpful for someone. That's great but it still doesn't fix my issue and I don't know how to contact Facebook support. Maybe I'm just being silly.

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                                            jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                                            Okay, I'm totally guessing, but since Gameroom is based on Chromium, it will probably use a system-level version of Flash Player if it's newer than the one that came bundled with it.


                                            I don't have much in the way of technical details on Gameroom either, and I'm not finding anything useful via Google.  I'll see if I can back-channel some of this to the Gameroom folks to see what they're doing for support, etc.


                                            In the meantime, give this a shot and let me know how it works:

                                            Exit Gameroom

                                            Go here: Adobe Flash Player Install for all versions

                                            Choose your Windows version

                                            Choose FP 23 for Opera and Chromium

                                            Re-launch Gameroom

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                                              jamiem48569870 Level 1

                                              Easy solution to try, worked for me it may for others. I am using Win 10 but it may apply to other versions as well. Check what apps/programs are running in the taskbar (^ symbol in win 10). Check and see if gameroom is running, it was for me, right click and exit the application. When I relaunched Gameroom I no longer received the flash update message. No installation of flash was needed.

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                                                jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                                                Yeah, for what it's worth, Gameroom is basically a fork of the Chromium browser.  My understanding is that if you have Google Chrome installed, Gameroom will copy Flash Player from that installation.  I'm not sure if they bundle Flash Player in the default installation, or how current they keep it.


                                                If you don't use Chrome, you can download the PPAPI Flash Player installer from here:

                                                Adobe Flash Player Install for all versions

                                                Choose the "For Opera and Chromium -- PPAPI" option, and then run the installer.

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                                                  moonleaf1982 Level 1

                                                  Exiting the program in the system tray is what finally worked for me. I didn't realize that it stayed open, so your advice makes sense. Thanks.

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                                                    jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                                                    That makes a lot of sense, thanks for the update.


                                                    It's very likely that while either Chrome or Flash Player's (depending on which copy of Flash is being picked up by GameRoom) automatic update system has installed the latest version, GameRoom is keeping their copy resident in memory until the application exits.  Exiting GameRoom is really the best thing you can do in that circumstance, and is probably the best first step in terms of troubleshooting.  We'll start suggesting it as well.


                                                    I would recommend that you give this feedback to the GameRoom team.  In a traditional browser, Flash Player exits at each page load, so while there is the potential that you can have a stale player in memory, that session is usually relatively short lived.  There are definitely technical options available to the GameRoom team for improving this experience, and they're a smart group of folks.  It's a relatively new product, and a subtle but important usability issue that was solved in most browsers a few years ago.


                                                    Back until around 2010, Flash Player used to make you close all of your browsers during updates to address this specific issue.  When tabs became popular, exiting the browser became painfully disruptive, so we chose to live with the possibility that some tabs would be running a stale copy of Flash Player.  This creates it's own set of problems, but by and large, it's a better compromise for a world where it's normal to have a dozen tabs open vs. browsing a single page at a time.

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                                                      carlos albertof82038677 Level 1

                                                      Windows 10

                                                      Facebook Gameroom"