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    Got a 2nd SSD, how should I use it?

    erico5386417 Level 1

      I currently operate entirely off one 500GB SSD, and use the second one as an archive.

      (both are Samsung 850 Evo 500GB)

      This much I know: I should at least be exporting to the second SSD if everything else is on the first one

      However, I've also heard a bunch about separating cache files or scratch disks and whatnot from the drive that holds the originals (tho it sounds like that mostly applies to HDD setups with way slower I/O)


      TL;DR: They're both 500GB SSDs, should I just use the 2nd one as an export location/archive?


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          JFPhoton Level 3

          Samsung EVOs are the cheaper, and lesser quality , SSDs from Samsung.....while the Samsung 850 Pro series SSDs are the best SATA III SSDs available.


          EVOs use the cheaper TLC memory and have a much slower write speed the the 550 MB/sec read and write 850 pros. This can affect performance.  However, for now, it may be best to have just the OS, programs,Windows page file,  the "cache", and " media cache" files on the boot drive.


          Media, project files, previews, and exports can all go on the second SSD.


          Bill Gehrke here on this forum had issues using an EVO SSD as a boot drive and he returned it . If using SATA III SSDs, stick with the Samsung 850 Pro model. If you have the budget, an M.2 PCI NVMe Samsung 960,0r, 950 Pro would be the best to use....the 960 Pro possibly for ALL FILES on it.....eliminating the need for more than one drive ! We're waiting for Bill to test this...the 960s havent shipped yet.