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    Render returned error.

    alaska42 Level 1

      Windows 10
      Intel i7-4790K
      32GB RAM

      GeForce GTX 970


      Exporting time-lapse (from jpg sequence) at 1080p to AME and getting this error:


      Error compiling movie.Render Error Render returned error.Writing with exporter: H.264 Writing to file


      I tried quite a few things suggested in the forums such as turning off GPU Acceleration, but it fails every time....until

      I rendered without CC Wide Time.

      I only do 2 things to my Aurora sequence, Time Stretch and CC Wide Time. I can render with Time Stretch but CC Wide Time errors every time.


      Very frustrating, I have been doing the same workflow for years and this is a very short sequence (1min 24 secs). Something has changed....


      Currently running AE           

      AME Build


      I really need the CC Wide Time to process my Auroras. Any suggestions?