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    New Issue-Copy-Paste Images are smaller than Originals!


      Please Help!


      This is a new issue! Before the last couple updates, I NEVER had this issue.


      Now when I copy an image (to duplicate it) in an Acrobat document (Acrobat Pro XI) then paste it, it paste the image at about 50-60%. When I resize the image, it has lost clarity, as well. (pixels, QR codes, barcodes, etc). This also makes it next to impossible to move things from one page to another.


      The only work around I have found for the printing is to get multiples to print on a page, I am currently having to crop the page then print multiple images on a page go print > page sizing> Pages per sheet> custom...>page order......>


      Any help of why copy/paste is resizing my images rather than making an exact copy, including size!?? This used to work just fine! (PS - I am using Content Editing>Edit Text & Images>Selecting the Image>Copy> click off the image and going to the page where i want it then click paste...