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    I want export-to-folder naming preset


      I work in a way that I often export whole folders (after edit) to an external drive.

      I am looking for a solution to have a folder naming convention, so that I can just klick an export template and it will export the entire folder to a new folder, that creates the name accoring to the settings I have given it.


      Just like the way we can create file naming presets, I want export-to-folder naming preset


      I dont think its possible, but I would like it.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          What "settings" are you giving?


          I see the simplest is to create your export preset something like my screen-clip:

          Export to a "Specific Folder"  and choose your external drive (and maybe a 'master' folder)

          Tick the box for [Put in a sub-folder]

          Save the Export dialog as a preset.

          Now when you use this preset, the only setting you need to do is type in a name for the sub-folder and [Export].