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    Return String with CFDIV calling a CFC on BIND

    cyber fyb Level 1
      Do I am the only one on Earth who need to return a string instead of a numeric value when using a CFDIV-BIND on a CFC? My god! this is hard to find anybody who went to the same thing! Or I am missing something about the real utilitity we suppose to do with a CFDIV or somebody will have to explain to me! Sorry, this comment is after having passed many hours (thinking I will find my answer fast).

      Alright, here is what I need to do. I am trying to create a chat using the new features of CF8. I am very close to achieve the first step of my project. So let say that you have the big board where text will appear as users will type their messages and than a little text field at the bottom where the user will type is message.

      I want to prove a point I am reading since long time now about the Ajax and CF8 has just reinforce it when starting to explain that we can have automated update if we are calling our functions with asynchronous methods. This what I want to do and I am trying to use a CFDIV to that where I am passing the CFC command in the BIND. the system is always returning me that the "return" cannot be converted as numeric. Well, my return is in fact a table of all the messages in the database - formatted to display the time, the user and the message or each record.

      I can see I am not using the technology correctly at this moment but if anybody know anything that can redirect me to a good explication (my brain need to understand why now as it is not logic at the moment - why I cannot push in the CFDIV whatever I want?).

      You will find some code for whom will better understand like that!