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    Type of presets


      I purchased preset set and when I try to import, I get the message "wrong type of preset file". The extension on the preset are XXXX.lrtemplate like other preset that inastalled before. What is wrong with \hese preset files?

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          How are you trying to install them?

          Where did you get them from?

          To what module are they for, Print, Develop, Export?


          What type of computer are you using?

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            WobertC Adobe Community Professional

            Among other types, the common 'purchased' presets are "Develop" presets and "local adjustment" brush presets.

            To determine if a preset (xxxxxx.LRTEMPLATE) is 'Develop" or "Local- Brush":


            Open one of the presets with any Text Editor.

            If it's an adjustment brush preset it will show "LocalizedAdjustmentPreset" next to type:

            A develop preset will show- "type = "Develop",


            s = {

                id = "5D68DBAD-147B-4CD3-833A-803DFA2C5C78",

                internalName = "Teeth Whitening",

                title = ZSTR "$$$/AgDevelop/Localized/Preset/TeethWhitening=Teeth Whitening",

               type = "LocalizedAdjustmentPreset",

                value = {

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              danielb5836984 Level 1

              I got the presets to work. They brush presets.