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    How to paste mask's tracked path (position?) to a new mask? (face overlay)


      Hello all,


      nice to join the forums. Sorry for the confusing title.


      So what I want to do is overlay the face from the picture onto the video, and have the face from the still image move the same as the face in the video is moving.

      So what I tried :

      In the video, I created an oval mask and I right clicked on it and selected "track mask".

      The method I then chose for tracking was "position and rotation", although "face tracking" works great too.


      The oval mask I created is now moving and rotating perfectly as the face in the video is moving and rotating.

      However, all this data is now stored in the "mask path". How do I copy this data into the mask I created in the still image so that the mask AND the image move the same as the tracked mask from the video?


      When I create an oval mask in the still image (around the face) and paste the "mask path" from the video into the still image's mask path, the mask from the still

      image then changes position. That's one problem. The other problem is that I have the mask in the still image moving, but the image itself is not moving at all, making it useless for my purposes.


      I hope you know what I try to achieve and what steps I took to do it (but failed ). If not, please let me know so that I can clarify with screenshots perhaps.

      I would appreciate any tips to get it working!