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    lightroom 2015.7 can not select an import destination, LR keeps picking an external drive that is full not the one I want it to import too

    joecos55 Level 1

      I have LR 2015.7, I have never had an issue in the past importing. I have several external drives I usually pick my drive named work drive then add a new folder for todays shoot and import to that folder no problem.  With 2015.7 (first time attempting to import since upgrading) I set the new import location click on import and I get the message saying that the black drive (name of drive with my catalog and older photos) is full and I need to delete or move photos to make room.  I did not select that drive as my destination I selected a drive called work drive and a new folder on that drive.  Lightroom keeps attempting to import to the black drive with no room.


      How can I fix this?  I have been using LR forever an have never seen this behavior before

      Thank you

      Joe Cosentino