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    FPS against BPM

      I have an Audio track that's 92 BPM. Flash is Currently set at 12 FPS
      How do all you cleaver people sync up the motion with the audio in this situation?

      I had an audio track at 100 bpm and set the frame rate to 12.5. This seemed to do the trick? Is this the right approach?

      Any solutions and advice will be greatly appreciated.

      Thank in advance for any interest.

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          fredingston Level 1

          92bpm with 12fps is not that good a combination unfortunately.
          Basically what you have to do is divide the bpm by the fps, and it tells you the number of beats per frame - which in your case will end up in sth like 7.6 meaning you have 7.6 beats per frame.

          In your case (if possible) you could go for 11.5 fps, which makes 8 beats per frame. Better though (I think) would be to pitch shift the music up to 96bpm. Then you would also have 8 beats per frame with 2 bars per frame.
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            Loteck Level 1
            thank you mr fredingston
            Thank you very much for the fast reply a problem shared is a problem halved as they say, LoL.
            I'm out on my own on this one so super thanks.

            I did the maths and came to same conclusion
            i.e 11.5 fps or 23 fps.
            It's not really an option for me to up the tempo in this case.

            I'm hoping that reducing/increasing the Frame rate wont come to haunt me in the future.

            I just didn't know what other people do, maybe I hoped for a magic button that halves work load. Haha.
            Many thanks