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    Lightroom CC Not Responding

    Brian Photographer



      My Lightroom CC has been suffering for several weeks now and I have tried all the usual troubleshooting steps to resolve it but I have got nowhere and the problem still exists. Simply the program stops responding and just hangs and hangs and hangs until I eventually have to use the task manager to close it down. The problem manifests itself after I have worked on one photo and the attempted to export it to the file I am saving to which is on the computer hard drive. Sometimes it will send other times it just hangs and if you click any other key, the message at the top left side of the screen appears saying Lightroom is not responding. Even if the files exports as intended, if you try to then work on a second image, the same issue occurs and the error message, Lightroom is not responding appears. This has now become such a significant issue that I am seriously considering removing it from my system and cancelling my subscription to CC.

      I have had troubleshooting done by Adobe but the guy who helped me at that time could not get off the online chat quick enough once he thought wrongly that the problem had been resolved.

      If anyone has any idea how this can be resolved, you would make me very happy indeed, thanks.