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    How to do startActivityForResult on iOS?


      I'd like to do something like Android's startActivityForResult for iOS, in a PhoneGap-wrapped web app. Is that possible?


      My objective is to have my web app ask another application to return an image. Currently, my application only allows users to take a photograph, or choose from their photo library. That's pretty standard. But we know some of our users have images on Dropbox, Box, Google Photos or a handful of other sources. (We can pick the top three or four, if needed.) So what we want is to let the user launch their photo storage app, choose a photo, then return it to our app. I *think* startActivityForResult does that for Android, but I can't figure out whether there's an iOS technique, and if there is, whether it's wrapped up as a Phonegap plugin (or whether I'd have to figure out how to do that myself).


      Can anyone point me in the right direction for doing this? Or let me know whether or not it's possible. THANKS! :-)