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    Muse adding unwanted space / padding after export to HTML

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      As see from image above. In the left hand, it got extra spaces which I use red circle to indicate them.
      On the right hand screen, it is what I have in Adobe Muse, and it got no such spaces.


      I have 2 questions as follow.


      1. Anyone knows how to fix or avoid having unwanted space after export work to HTML?
        I keep running into this problem. This is the only problem keep me from using Muse for a real responsive web design work.
      2. Does Adobe has any software to do Responsive Web Design beside Muse? if so please let me know.
        I am looking for something focus solidly on "responsive designing". I am not looking for a do it all tool. I am happy doing front-end developing in DW. I just need something similar to ... Edge Reflow? EdgeReflow doesn't give me extra space after export artwork to HTML. It only needs something similar to Master page in Muse (or library object in Flash) to be a great responsive design tool. it is a shame Adobe kills it.




      Thank you in advance for any help.