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    Cannot import (or see) raw/dng files into Lightroom


      Suddenly yesterday, when I plugged my camera into my MacBook Air, I could no longer see the NEF files in the Import dialog. No error messages, they just don't show up. I had no trouble importing and converting them with Adobe DNG converter, but then I couldn't even see these converted files in the Lightroom Import dialog. This is very strange, since this has been working with no problems since I bought my new camera in August.


      I have a Nikon D500, Mac OS Sierra 10.12.1, and Lightroom 6.7 with Adobe RAW 9.7.


      I had no trouble importing the NEF files in to Apple Photos, so I suspect it's a problem with Lightroom. I'm wondering if I inadvertently ticked a box or changed a setting.


      I also was taking RAW+Fine JPEGs, but I don't think that should be an issue, should it?


      If anyone has any advice, I would be most appreciative. It seems strange that this happened all of a sudden. Thank you.