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    Flashing in still image


      Hello all, I am looking for an explanation or link to any other resources that will educate me on achieving a still image with a flickering background. Instead of trying to explain this through text, I have supplied an example here : Big Sean / Jhene Aiko / Key Wane Type Beat - 2016 (Prod. Alex Collins) - YouTube I have seen various patterns and styles (exp: one image/video appeared to have a background that appeared to be snowing) but they all basically the same style/idea. If this has been address elsewhere, i apologize, but any help is greatly appreciated.

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          in the effects & presets panel you have a preset called "Light Leaks - Random". click on it twice to add it to your still image. adjust the chance of flash and flash nervousness to taste. if you need more control you can do this yourself with expressions: add the exposure effect, alt click on the stopwatch for the exposure parameter, now type in the expression editor: wiggle(10,.2) this means it will wiggle on this value 10 times a seconds (speed) for a value of 0.2 to each side of the default value (amount).