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    Flash Video + Screen Savers

    Adrian Eaton

      As flash is being widly adopted for showing long form media, why hasn't adobe added a feature to disable the screen saver if a video file is being played? I would have thought this should be automatic, there is no need for a screen saver if a video is being played, especially in FullScreen mode.

      Maybe there is an ActionScript option to do this, but I can't find one.

      Many Thanks,
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          You got me thinking. I am not sure if this will work...it sounds good in theory. Create two frames in your display HTML doc - one .5 inch tall on the toe. Load an htm film into the toe frame that has a meta refresh. It should refresh the one frame window seamlessly - maintaining browser activity that will keep the screen saver off. IN the larger frame embed your swf to load the flv.

          I'm going to try this...

          There may be some java code you can dig up. The problem with refreshing the main browser is your movie starting over or unloading.

          I'm just brainstorming here,