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    LR 6-Import issues


      In the last couple of weeks Lightroom has been having trouble importing images from camera.  At first it would only download approx. 80% of the images.  Now it won't download any.  When I plug in camera to download / Import, all of the images appear.  When I select "Import", the status bar shows it importing but no images appear in the grid as it has always done in the past.  I can download fine directly to my PC but when I try to import the images that way as an alternative it does the same thing.  I really need a solution to this quickly.  I've dealt with the slowness and the occasional freezing but now this?  I love LR but as it stands there is proving to not be a very efficient editing software program.  Any and all suggestions or help is GREATLY appreciated and needed.

      Lightroom version 6.7

      Windows 10 - version 10.0

      Canon 5D Markiii


      Thank you!