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    Site not opening in android phone

    brushwipe Level 1


      I uploaded my latest version of the above site but I could not open it in Chrome - my set browser on a Samsung Galaxy 5.

      It is a combined fluid / fixed width site with various pages set to breakpoint sizes.

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          nozola Level 1

          It's working just fine on my android phone.


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            brushwipe Level 1

            Yes! I'm so sorry but I had not entered the correct address.  It now works on my phone and on my client's phone (I am so delighted to say!)  But since you can access it maybe you can tell me why the little chillies are not working properly Some of the items on the menu should have one chilli , some two  and some three. I place the single chilli art to the side of the page and then copy it, switch to type tool and paste it in place.  But when I look over the different breakpoints they are multiplying. Now some items have three chillies when they should have only one.  Is there a fontawesome way to create a chilli as a font item.? 

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              nozola Level 1

              brushwipe Yes, there is definitely something wrong with the chilis. I couldn't tell you for sure without looking at the muse file, but I would guess that you have more chilis on some breakpoints than others. Pretty simple answer, but I would just double check going through each breakpoint and see if there are too many chilis in any of them.

              Some chilis could be hidden on some breakpoints too (Muse CC Hide in Breakpoint ), but I kind of doubt it because the chilis shouldn't need to hide or change on any of the breakpoints.

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                brushwipe Level 1

                My client was very excited to see her restaurant on her phone! I explained that there was still much to do including getting the right amount of chilis marked to whichever item.  I noted that when viewing on desktop screen and dragging the browser down from 2000 px there were literally rows of chilies.  I do not understand why. My process was to copy a chili from Illustrator, saved as SVG and paste it into the dark area beside the page on Muse. Then to turn it into a text object I copied it again, switched to type tool and pasted it on the line beside the menu item. Some items required up to three chilies and I simply inserted further copies alongside. 


                I have asked Font Awesome and Terry White if they know of a method but no response as yet.


                Today, I have found http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2013/04/how-to-turn-your-icons-into-a-web-font/  and hope it will help.


                If it does I will >select same> on the chilies and delete them completely before trying to insert a trouble free character.

                My client didn't think my idea of removing all the chilies and letting the customers play Russian Roulette.


                I will let you know how it goes. Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.

                Bill Watters

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                  nozola Level 1

                  Do you have more than 1 icon? If it is only the chili icon I would just get an SVG file and add it into Muse wherever you want it. I think that would make it simpler by not having to include a font just for that icon and Muse drag & drops SVG pretty nicely, but I haven't looked into the page speed impact on this very much.

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                    brushwipe Level 1

                    Hello,  Yes, although the chili problem still exists the site is going quite well at the moment.  I have persuaded the client to go with little red stars from Font Awesome - at least until I can solve the chili problem.  I am afraid that just dropping an SVG file alongside the text didn't work when I produced a take-away leaflet for print.  Muse hated it and of course each time I altered a price or made any amendments the lining up became a nightmare.  Thankfully, one of the Muse boffins kindly gave me the method of copying and pasting the SVG chili as a type character. It worked in inDesign artwork for print but does not work in Muse.  I will be uploading the almost finished site tomorrow (hope) as I am finalizing the hyperlinks today and will link up the telephone and social media stuff when I find out how to do it.??? 

                    When I get everything working I will upload it to replace the restaurant existing site at http://www.dokmali-swinton.com on the present host at Vidahost.com