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    Pixelated Composition (made of AI layers) when Zoomed In


      Hi, I am working a lot with AI vector files in AE. I know that Continuously Rasterize is used for AI files when we want our AI file not to be pixelated when zoomed in. The question is, what tool should I use in AE when I want Composition (in my case composition is made of a couple of AI files and they represent some cartoon character) not to be pixelated when zoomed in in another composition???


      Below I will provide some pics so I can help as much as I can so you guys understand my question.


      1. Even though the quality of this picture is not so good u can see how AI layer stays sharp when zoomed in.



      2. HERE IS THE CATCH. In this case it is blurry when zoomed in. I'm looking for AE tool who will solve this problem and make Teacher composition sharp when zoomed in just like AI file above.



      3. I provided this pic soo you guys can see why I'm importing Teacher.ai file as Composition.