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    Programmet går inte att öppna


      Jag har använt programmet många gånger, men plötsligt kan jag inte öppna det. Det reagerar inte alls. Jag har provat att ominstallera det, men utan något resultat.

      Vad är det som hänt???
      Tack på förhand

      Merethe A

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          RaushanKumar Adobe Employee

          Hi Merethe,


          In order to look into your issue, Could you please share the following information?


          1. Which version of Photoshop Elements are you using?

          2. From where you are launching the application, Desktop Icon, Start menu or Taskbar shortcuts etc.?

          3. Are you able to launch the application from the below locations? Version may be any. I have taken "Photoshop Elements 14" as an example.

          3.1. "PhotoshopElementsEditor.exe" from location "C:\Program Files\ADOBE\Photoshop Elements 14\"

          3.2. "PhotoshopElementsOrganizer.exe" from location "C:\Program Files\ADOBE\Elements 14 Organizer\"

          4. Are you using trial version of the Product?




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            merethea68259373 Level 1

            Thanks for your reply!




            I have solved it all by doing a reinstall and it´s working again.




            ! whish you a Merry christmas and a Happy new year!




            //Merethe A






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            Ämne:  Programmet går inte att öppna






            Programmet går inte att öppna



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