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    Membership says it has expired... it's not!


      So my company is on an enterprise package of Creative Cloud. There are close to 13-14 people on this package. Everyone is working fine, EXCEPT ME. We have been battling for quite some time my software saying that it has Expired. However, I go to log in and I then get a Thank You window. Products (Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design) never come up and then the Expired window pops up. I have read some other forums and there was something about the SLCACHE folder and getting rid of some stuff. I followed the directions and BOOM, it worked. This was last week before the Holiday. I get in this morning and I am back to the same old problem. HELP!!! I HAVE WORK TO DO!!!! Anyone else having this issue?



      OS X 10.10.5 YOSEMITE