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    Changing Aspect Ratio After Completing Project


      Hi - I'm currently having an issue with my video after exporting it to youtube using a  Fv4 file. The video has black borders and I can't seem to fix the issue post production. After reviewing my project in Premiere Elements I realized that the first video I imported into the project assets had QT codec without the 16:9 ratio. This locked my presets and changed the format to all my subsequent videos in the project assets. The majority of the footage I used came from a GoPro, so most of the file were compressed down to a different aspect ratio instead of using DSR (1920 x 1080).


      Since I put a lot of time (months) into making this project is there anyway to: 1) change the aspect ratio so all files match 16:9? (interpret footage doesn't seem to work)  2) Copy my clips into a new project where I can start with a new editing preset and correct the aspect ratio?


      Sorry, If I'm not entirely clear. I'm learning video editing on the fly. I'm currently editing in Premiere Elements 12 on a Mac. Please let me know if additional information is needed.