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    Acrobat Pro: "Multiple Word Find, Highlight, and Comment with unique comments" action button or script


      I would like a button I can add to my toolbar that would highlight a list of pre-defined words that are mis-spelled regularly, and highlight each occurrence thereof, and actually annotate the individual comments with the respective "correct" spellings. I proofread a lot of US material that has to be "Canadianized" so words such as 'color' need to be found, highlighted/highlit?, and marked with "change to 'colour' comment…. and this would be from list of regularly used words… I found an action here somewhere that highlights words from a list, and that's ok, but I would like to enhance that action with adding the specific individual comments. So I would have somewhere two lists: 1) US spelling list , 2) list of "Canadian/UK spelling" comments….


      To clarify, if needed, this is what I want as an action button:


      Find "color" | highlight the word | add comment to the highlight "add u, 'colour'" | find next instance of the same word and repeat until no more are found;

      Then, find the next word in the list of US spellings and do the same

      Repeat until list is completed throughout the document.


      Simple? or asking too much? Thanks!