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    InDesign CC buttons flicker/flash on hover over


      I have come across this problem several times now and tried looking for the answer through the adobe forums with no luck. So i though i'd open my own discussion.


      I have created an interactive PDF using Indesign's buttons with "jump to destination" functions to target other pages within the same document. The buttons are basic circles drawn within inDesign and converted into buttons where i apply a hover state of another colour. This button is then duplicated and used throughout the document. Other buttons exist in the document too where i have grouped text with the circle and made that into a button.


      It all looks great and the the functionality works...however. Occasionally the buttons create graphical glitches where the page or some elements on the page would flash/flicker for a split second. Particular the more complex of graphics such as illustrator files imported would do this.


      It is really annoying and is becoming more noticeable. It is intermittent and happens on any button hover, not a specific button or type. 


      I never saw this problem in my previous setup of InDesign CS5.5 and Acrobat X.


      Any ideas on how to fix this?