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    Drag and drop not working


      I am having an issue with dragging images in the Library view. I can't drag images to move them to other folders or even reorder them within an folder.


      It looks like it starts to work occasionally. I get the mini icons indicating I have selected the images, but as soon as I try to move them the drag icons go away and the images stay in the same spot.


      The odd thing is that if I try it a dozen times it sometimes works. Also if I try selecting other images in the same folders sometimes I can drag them.


      Because it is so intermittent, this definitely seems like a bug.

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          dj_paige Level 10

          Please state the version NUMBER of your Lightroom. Please state your operating system version NUMBER.


          When you do this drag and drop, you want to point the mouse at the middle of the thumbnail pictures and then drag. If you point the mouse at the grey that surrounds the thumbnail and then drag, drag and drop won't work.