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    This is JUNK !

    georget89796265 Level 1

      I do not know if this is a new item or not. I kinda have a life so I do not have time to read every post from the last decade.

      Problem ! I have never had an issue with operation from version 5 to cs6. Now I have been maneuvered into this CC subscription and already it has crapped the bed. Error 16 Uninstall, reinstall, Error 16. I am not 15 years old and do not have years to waste trying to contact someone who hides behind useless and irrelevant questions that lead to more of the same.  This needs to be fixed by Adobe so I can use what I am paying for rather than revert to my old programs that worked flawlessly. Also the way my usage has been just immediately been stopped in PS and Lightroom makes me wonder, Are my assets actually safe in your cloud or might you just shut me out and become pseudo owners even though you have been payed.

      Yes, I am quite aggravated and angry and really would prefer to be using some very colorful expletives and talking to a human that I can actually get really up close and personal with.