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    Black-screen during After Effects starts!


      I have downloaded AE and testing it. But nothing works. If I want to start AE, my Screen show me a black screen and I have to shut the computer down, because I can't close AE. After I want to restart my computer, it loads short and the computer shutsdown itself. After that, I restart the computer in a second try. My computer restarts nomarl how every time, but some settings from other programs are reseted and my antivirus-program is raging and use the whole data-storage-medium-transfer. I reinstalled it 3 times and updated it 2 times and every single time I want to start AE, I get the same problem.

      ps: Adobe Photoshop works very good and stable!



      Processor: Intel core i3 (@2.40GHz)

      RAM: 8GB

      Systemtyp: 64-Bit

      Graphic Board: GeForce GT 740M

      Windows 8.1

      After Effects Version: Adobe After Effects CC 2017.0


      Thanks for helping me