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    Gopro video files corrupted during import


      I have just returned from a cruise for my 25th wedding anniversary. I tried to import my gopro video files from the micro sd card via lightroom CC, there were 138 files about 23gb.

      When i came back to my computer it said that there had been a problem and that the video could not be played and i could not do anything with them so i decided to delete them from lightroom to start again. Before i did this i removed the memory card so that i didn't accidentally delete them from there.

      After i had deleted the video i reinstalled the memory card and found that there were only 38 mp4 files left and some other files which a considerably larger but are not readable.

      I used sandisc rescue pro deluxe to try to recover the files, it found 138 files but only a couple of them would play.

      I have since been able to recover 120 files from the recycle bin however 12 files which include videos of us swimming with turtles are still missing.

      This is how the files appear on the memory card

      Capture 1.PNG

      Capture 2.PNG

      Capture 3.PNG

      I hope someone can help???