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    How do I get Muse to update the CRCs for files?

    Alan Covey

      My computer is a Lenovo desktop PC running Windows 10.


      I have been attempting to upload changes in my website www.ileneproctor.net. When I initiate a Publish command, I ultimately get a message: "Failed to update the CRSs for some of the included files. Possible reasons: circular references / not all include files were reported correctly / some included files were not exported." Then Muse exits. I have recently changed computers and have been successful uploading the website to my computer, reconnecting assets to computer and online assets, connection to the host site (godaddy.com) without problem, but no luck or knowledge how to repair this problem. The Previews appear perfect, but I am unable to even get the program to export HTML to my computer or the host. I'm lost!