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    Read-Out-Loud is not reading what's in Reading Order Pane (Adobe Acrobat DC Pro)

    bakanomaple Level 1

      So, I'm making some handouts with form fields accessibility.


      The problem is as the title says, when I play the Read Out Loud thing, it doesn't read as what's in the Reading Order Pane.


      For instance, I got a table where each cell has some texts and I want to include a check-box in each cell. If I tag it without including the form fields (check-boxes), it works perfectly.


      But if I include the form fields and arrange the Reading Order in the Reading Order Pane like text, then check-box, then text, then check-box and repeat. So, the Read Out Loud should read something like, "I like apples", "I like apples" uncheck, or whatever it reads it as.  But it ends up reading something like...

      1. First two lines of each cell from left to right.

      2.a Each check-box from left to right, unless...

      2.b The remaining lines of each cell followed by the corresponding check-box.



      AAA   BBB   CCC

      AAA   BBB   CCC


      CB1   CB2   CB3


      It would read it as, AAA AAA, BBB BBB, CCC CCC, CB1, CB2, CCC, CB3. Any lines after the second is somehow connected with the check-box instead.


      I got no clue why it is so.


      In some pages, it completely skipped certain contents.



      1. In one page, I got a heading, a reference and a diagram. If only read the alternative text on the diagram and totally skipped the text. (I placed the texts in the diagram as background.)

      2. In another page, I had one of those survey-like tables. The first column had a bunch of question and the second, third, forth and fifth column are empty (for check-boxes). It's meant to represent almost never, seldom, usually and almost always, respectively. I had tagged the table as a table and the check-boxes as forms. I didn't arrange the reading order, so all of my table's cells are on the top, while the check-boxes are at the bottom. But the Read Out Loud thingy reads it as desired (e.g. "How often do you go for grocery?", "Almost Never", "Seldom", "Usually", and "Almost Always".) And changing the reading order in the Reading Order Pane doesn't do a thing. It seemed like it is permanently fixed.

      3. Sometimes, the form fields are simply completely skipped. For example, I included a topic and a blank area for the user to input their response. The tool tip says "Please input your thoughts and key points regarding the above questions here." but the Read Out Loud thingy simply skips it and proceed to the next page.


      Any responses would be appreciated. I tried arranging everything in the Tag Pane (Tag Tree) in the order of my desired reading order, but that didn't do a thing either. So, in short, the Reading Order Pane doesn't seem to be functioning. No matter how I change it, the Read Out Loud thingy seemed to just read it at an order it desires.

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          Dave__M Adobe Community Professional

          You may need to use the table editor to define table's scope - should it be read as columns or rows to be understood properly?  If you are unfamiliar with the Table Editor, you find it with the Reading Order Tool activated, and right clicking in a table.


          I have worked with agencies who will not allow multiple 'objects' in any single table cell for accessibility, and it might be for the reasons you have uncovered.  If something else pops in my head on this, I'll post more.  Good luck.


          My best,


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            bakanomaple Level 1

            Thanks. I tried defining the table's scope. But that didn't do much.


            I ended up trashing the file and restarting from scratch. And it worked. I still don't know what caused that oddity. But I decided to just make the file accessible and then toss in the form fields page by page instead of doing all the accessibility first then all the form fields. It seemed to work better since I just save page by page, so I can restart easily.


            I also found that "dragging" a tag or anything in the left pane is not the best method. Cutting and pasting reading orders or tags is a better method. It seems that if you cut and paste it, the reading order actually moves. And if you just drag it, it doesn't always move. No clue if that's legit though.