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    Flip Page

    Venian Level 2

      I want to build a flip page with a few more features then you usually encounter. And because i'm not keen with starting from scratch i would appreciate if anyone know a good source to start on. Execept from the many links on Google that lead to the same thing.

      Thank you a lot.
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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          You just dismissed the best source for getting a good source to start on without troubling others to do the footwork for you. Your bound to get the same thing.
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            Venian Level 2
            I don't want anyone to do footwork for me. I already have a source but when i'm loading it with like 100 pages it's kind've slow.
            And from how much AS i know by now i can't optimze it to work ok even with 100 pages or more.

            I was asking if any of you know a good free source for flip page (that would work decent with lots of pages). If not i'm sorry for bothering you.