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    Sending field data in email body


      I have a really long pdf form that asks people to fill out responses to a lot of questions.


      For example on page 1, it asks


      First Name:

      Last Name:

      Phone Number:

      Email Address:


      The subsequent pages ask for more detailed information.


      I would like to manage the responses in my email client, but don't want to receive the full PDF (Large File)

      Receiving fdf file is also not what I'm looking for.


      I would basically like to receive an email, like the above, with the response from each field written in line. LIke this;


      First Name: John

      Last Name: Smith

      Phone Number: 123456789

      Email Address: john@smith.com


      Is this possible?


      I've seen that you can fill the to: field and cc'd: fields with responses, but have not seen that the full body text can be included.


      Any help would be amazing!